Maternity Clothes: When Is the Right Time To Invest in Them?

Maternity Clothes: When Is the Right Time To Invest in Them?

Pregnancies are different for everyone. Some have little to no symptoms, while others have to brave through bouts of morning sickness for months. Some experience swollen ankles, while others find walking and working out easy.

Nonetheless, as your baby grows inside you, your body will change. Your old outfits would need to be replaced with maternity clothing.

But when should you overhaul your closet and buy new clothes? Well, the answer is not very straightforward.

When Should You Buy Maternity Clothes?

There is no specific timeline for any pregnancy, but here are some considerations:

After You Have Announced the Good News

A lot of women and couples wait until after the first trimester to announce a pregnancy. This is primarily because the risk of miscarriage is much lower after this period.

You can also begin this new chapter with new clothing!

When You Start To Get Uncomfortable

Some soon-to-be mothers start showing early in their pregnancies, while others may take a few months—some even past the first six months. So, there is no single best time to buy maternity clothes. It comes down to when you start to feel uncomfortable in your regular clothes.

When tops get tight over your stomach, or swollen legs keep you from putting together your usual outfits, stylish maternity clothes are the only solution.

Other Signs

Some of the other signs that indicate the need for maternity wear include:

  • If your button-downs can’t be done up all the way
  • If you are using stretchy fabrics instead of structured clothing
  • If your pants can’t be zipped up
  • If putting on and taking off your clothes gets difficult

If you experience any of these, it’s time to choose from trendy maternity dresses, such as wrap maternity dresses or maxi maternity dresses.

How To Buy Maternity Wear?

Here are some best practices for shopping for maternity clothes:

Refer to the Size Chart

Buying maternity clothing for the next few months can be challenging, as you need to account for your growing belly. Most maternity clothing is adaptable and will accommodate bellies up to full term. No matter what pieces you’re drawn to, always refer to a detailed size chart.

Carefully consider your current measurements and try to project how much you will grow. You can consult with your physician for some estimates.

Look For Quality Pieces

Maternity wear must be comfortable and long-lasting, and quality pieces are sound investments. You can keep them for your next pregnancy, add them to your everyday wardrobe, or pass them on to loved ones who will need them.

Since these pieces will be worn a lot, choosing luxury maternity dresses that are reasonably priced is a good choice. Invest in clothing that will last a while and feel brand new even after months of wear.


Your pregnancy is a new and exciting chapter in your life, and it will involve many significant changes, including your wardrobe. There is no specific timeline for purchasing new clothes—it depends on your comfort level and preference.

Invest in quality maternity wear that you will be comfortable in for several months to make your pregnancy easier!