5 Fun Ways To Reveal Your Pregnancy to Your Parents

5 Fun Ways To Reveal Your Pregnancy to Your Parents

Announcing the big news is one of the most exciting things about being pregnant. Your family and friends’ happy tears and warm embraces are certainly something to look forward to. And it’s extra special for your parents—after all, becoming a grandparent is one of life’s greatest joys. Breaking the news in a fun way can elevate the feeling!

Pregnancy announcements—some direct, some elaborate—are popular content on social media, and you can draw inspiration from any of them. If you’re looking for unique ideas, we’ve got you.

Here are some fun ways to announce your pregnancy to the future grandparents:

  • Gift 'Grandma' & 'Grandpa' t-shirts for a special touch.
  • Surprise with a framed 12-week ultrasound scan.
  • Share the news with customized sweet treats.

Say It on a T-Shirt

Customize fun t-shirts saying “I am a Grandma” and “I am a Grandpa” to give to your and your partner’s parents. This is an even sweeter idea if you are carrying their first grandchild.

You can also get creative and add something less obvious or an inside joke. Feel free to personalize the message to deliver the beautiful announcement.

Frame the 12-Week Scan

A picture is worth a thousand words. Frame your 12-week scan, put it in plain sight, and wait for your loved ones to spot it. It may take a while, but their reactions will be worth it when they eventually see it.

Announce It on Sweets

If your loved ones love sweet treats, use this to your advantage. Bake some cookies or a cake and write a message in frosting, or ask a local bakery to do that for you.

The future grandparents will be overjoyed about the pregnancy, and you’ll all have yummy snacks to celebrate with!

Show Off Your Maternity Clothes

Many buy maternity clothing after their baby bump becomes visible, but some purchase some pieces well in advance. In any case, if you have your maternity clothing ready, this idea is for you.

Hang your stylish maternity dress on a hanger and place it where everyone can see. You can put a note on your dress, saying, “Get ready for baby…” or something along those lines. Your message and the dress will surely get a reaction from the new grandparents.

Write Down Name Options

On a sheet of paper, write down name options that your baby should call their grandparents. These can range from Grandma, Gam-Gam, and Gammy to Grandpa, Pop-Pops, and Pappy. Be as creative as you like.

This is a quirky way to break the news and get your and your partner’s parents to choose a nickname for themselves.


Announcing your pregnancy is truly a special moment, and having fun with it only makes the experience better.

You can customize various ideas to suit your family. You can gift your parents fun t-shirts, frame your 12-week scan, or bring customized sweet treats to deliver the news. Showing off pregnancy dresses or asking them to choose a nickname are exciting ways to let your loved ones know about the little one coming along.

Your and your other half's parents will surely love the welcome surprise!