15 Unique Maternity Picture Ideas For Black Couples


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Pregnancy is such a special time in your life filled with so many memories. What better way to capture these moments than with a maternity photoshoot! In this blog post, we'll share 15 unique maternity picture ideas for black couples! 

From maternity photos on the beach, to more intimate maternity poses at home, these are the best maternity photoshoot ideas will capture the love and beauty of this unique journey you are on.

15 Unique Maternity Picture Ideas For Black Couples

1. Matching white outfits

Going for matching white outfits is such a cool choice for your maternity photoshoot – it's simple yet chic. It does not take much time and effort to pick a nice outfit (which is really the hardest part).

 If we had to choose, we would take the photos on the beach by the water. It's got that natural contrast and gives off a feminine/motherly aesthetic. 

black couple taking maternity photos with white outfit
black couple taking maternity photos in matching white outfits
Wildflower Portraits
black couple taking maternity photo with white outfits on the beach

2. Silhouette

This is a very popular maternity photoshoot idea because they are so simple yet captivating. Silhouette shots are a type of photo that captures the outline of your pregnant body. These work best against a super-lit background. They really emphasize the curves and shape of your beautiful baby bump creating a nice contrast.

If you're someone that does not like to show their faces in photos, then silhouette photos are a great maternity photoshoot idea! Another plus about these types of photos is that you can take them in the comfort of your own home! Check out these 10 at home maternity shoot ideas that will turn out flawless.

photo of black couple taking silhouette maternity photos
black couple taking silhouette photo for maternity picture
black couple taking maternity silhouette picture with older child
Meisha Williams Photography

3. On film

Film photography has made it's comeback in the recent years, and for good reason. I love film photos, because they require minimal editing, giving off a naturally appealing aesthetic. Plus, they are super captivating and give off an effortlessly cool vibe. 

Before planning your maternity shoot, make sure you know when to take your maternity photos through your pregnancy.

black couple taking maternity pictures on film
black couple taking maternity pictures on film in nature

4. Props

Props and accessories are your best friend when doing a maternity photoshoot. You can use a variety of things to enhance and personalize your maternity photoshoot. 

Some props that are popular to use are ultrasound pictures, baby shoes, baby clothes, floral crowns  or even a sheer curtain. These small little details elevate your maternity photos and give them more character! 

couple doing maternity photoshoot with props
photo of  husband holding pregnant wife with curtain fabric
black couple maternity photoshoot with ultrasound pictures

5. Neutral backdrop

Using a neutral backdrop is a very cost effective and  timeless way to do your maternity photoshoot. It's not just budget-friendly; the backdrop offers a canvas for a multitude of aesthetics and vibes, limited only by your imagination. 

You can go for a more casual  maternity photoshoot with denim jeans and a t-shirt, or go for a more formal shoot with a gown and heels. The options are endless making for some creative black maternity photos! If you haven't announced your pregnancy yet, check out these 15 unique pregnancy announcement dresses!

black pregnant women and husband taking maternity pictures
black couple taking maternity photo on neutral backdrop
black couple taking maternity photo on neutral backdrop

6. In the forest

The forest is a beautiful and serene setting to capture your maternity photos as a couple. Not only can you play with different lighting, but you can get so many different angles and unique shots. 

From posing next to a large oak tree, to laying on the floor with your partner. We love the candid maternity photos by the large. And don't forget to stay till sunset golden hour for glowy shot!

pregnant women taking underwater black and white photos
Teegan Tagg Photography 
black couple taking maternity picture in forest

7. Matching denim outfits

We love matching denim outfits! Matching outfits are great maternity photoshoot ideas because they're easy, cost-effective, and super comfortable! You can go the basic route with the matching Calvin Kleins, or get more creative and experiment with different denim styles to suit your unique personalities. 

black couple taking maternity picture with matching denim jeans
Oxana Alex Photography
matching denim outfit maternity photo session black couple

8. The bedroom

We know the idea of taking maternity photos in the bedroom might initially seem unconventional, but some photographers have skillfully captured  beautiful, natural, and intimate shots in this setting. It's a comfortable and hassle-free approach to your maternity photoshoot. 

The added benefit is that you can fully relax in the comfort of your own home, effortlessly make wardrobe changes, and be completely candid, knowing there are no strangers around to scrutinize your photoshoot.

black couple taking maternity photo session in bedroom
Emily Threatt Photography
black couple taking maternity pictures in the bedroom
Anissa Dev Photography
black couple maternity picture in bedroom

9. Kissing the baby bump

What better way to capture your maternity photos than by embracing  and kissing that beautiful growing belly? This approach holds a special place in our heart because it beautifully conveys the deep appreciation for his wife and expecting mother nurturing and bringing their baby into the world. 

This pose shoots nicely if the women wears low rise jeans and a bralette, while the husband goes shirtless and wears pants or jeans.

black husband kissing  black wife baby bump maternity photos
kissing baby bump maternity photo

10. Flowy dress at the beach

Flowy dresses on the beach with your partner gives off such a free-spirited aesthetic and we are here for it!  These couple maternity photos really capture the grace and beauty of your maternity journey. It's natural, raw, and filled with a timeless elegance. 

We recommend wearing a white maternity dress while your husband wears shorts and a white t-shirt. Check out these long  dresses that are perfect for beach maternity photos.

black couple taking maternity photo on the beach
black couple by the ocean taking unique maternity photos
black couple on the beach taking maternity photos

11. In the kitchen

Doing a maternity photoshoot in the kitchen can be a really fun and easy way to capture your maternity photos. This is another maternity photoshoot idea that may sound weird, but can be cute if coordinated and thoughtfully planned. 

You can do one shot cooking together, or have your partner feeding you as shown below. These can create some authentic and wholesome photos.

pregnant women doing a photo session by curtains
Sarah Sidwell Photography 

12. In the park or a garden

A park or garden maternity photoshoot is a great choice for your maternity photo shoot because the natural setting can provide a stunning backdrop. The lush greenery, colorful flowers, and open spaces can offer so many different picture options. 

A plus is that the lighting will also capture the radiant glow of you guys as a couple.

couple taking maternity photos in the park
Black Belle Photography
pregnant women sitting in backyard for photos
couple taking maternity photos in the park with leaves
Black Belle Photography

13. Matching black outfits

Coordinating in matching black outfits is the epitome of chic and sophistication for your maternity photoshoot. Our top recommendation would be to use a neutral backdrop. This combination not only gives off timeless elegance, but also emphasizes the connection between you both as a couple. And more importantly, choosing outfits is so much easier!

black couple taking maternity pictures with matching black outfit
Sarah Sidwell Photography 
matching black outfit maternity photo on the beach
Sarah Sidwell Photography 
black couple taking maternity pictures with matching black outfit

14. With your entire family

Turn your maternity photo shoot into a full family affair by inviting your hubby or older children to join in. We've always loved this concept, because it captures the beauty of not just you, but your entire family embracing the arrival of your future little one.

You can do a pose where you and your partner stand next to each-other, and your older children kiss or hug your belly. Another cute idea would be you and your entire family laying down and pointing at your growing baby bump!

black family taking maternity pictures
black family taking maternity pictures with flowers

15. In the water

Take your maternity photos in the water for an ethereal aesthetic. Whether it's a lake, a beach, or your pool in the backyard, the water adds a sense of fluidity and grace to your maternity photos. It beautifully focuses on your baby bump and creates a sense of weightlessness, giving off dreamy maternity photos.

If you're struggling to find unique poses as a couple, try holding hands and floating on top of the water. Is your growing baby bump stopping you from floating? Try sharing a kiss underwater or capture your guy's reflection on the pools surface.

black couple taking maternity picture in water

Why are maternity photos important?

Many couples think maternity photos are a waste of time, but there are so many reasons as to why they are important. 

Capturing a Unique Phase:


Maternity photos are important because they capture this unique one-of-a-kind journey that you are your partner are experiencing. It's like a visual celebration of the love and anticipation around the arrival of your new family member, strengthening the bond between you guys as a couple. 

Strengthens The Bond With Your Partner:


 Taking maternity photos also gives you guys an opportunity to further strengthen your emotional bond as a couple! The celebration for the arrival of your baby will deepen the love and partnership between you and your partner, leaving you with unique memories for a lifetime.

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A maternity photoshoot is not just about capturing the physical transformation of your body, but also about reminding us of the love and memories throughout this unique journey. Whether you choose a floral garden, the intimacy of your home, or a neutral backdrop that is your blank canvas, we hope you were able to get some inspiration for your maternity photos.

These black couple maternity photoshoot ideas are just bits of inspiration, and the real magic lies in you guys as a couple. Add your style, your story, and your emotions into every frame because that's what will make these maternity photos unique.

We know pregnancy can be stressful, so just try to relax, be in the moment, and let your connection as a black couple shine through the lens. Good luck! Struggling with stress or morning sickness, make sure to get informed on how long you can go without eating while pregnant.