The 12 Best Two-Piece Maternity Sets For Photoshoots


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Hey mamas! You're probably here because you are struggling to find an outfit for your maternity photoshoot. Find comfort in knowing that we have all been there! When it comes to maternity photoshoots, your outfit is really what makes or breaks the pictures. 

In this blog post, we're digging into the world of the best two-piece maternity set for photoshoots that'll not only complement your changing body, but also boost your confidence in front of the camera. From elegant skirt sets to comfy lounge sets, we've got the lowdown on the best sets for your upcoming photoshoot. Get ready to find that perfect matching set that'll make your maternity photoshoot a shoot you will love.

12 Two-Piece Maternity Sets For Photoshoots

1. Maternity Dresses Black with White Stripes Knit Top & Skirt Set

This two-piece maternity set would be perfect for a photoshoot out in the garden or by the beach! This is the definition of understated elegance!

pregnant women wearing black and white striped knit skirt set
Maternity Dresses

2. Pink Blush Pink Striped Button Up And Short Maternity Set

This also comes in blue too, if you are having a baby boy. I also love this two piece set for a baby shower or gender reveal event! P.S this site offers 25% off your first order.

pregnant blonde women wearing pink striped maternity set
Pink Blush 

3. Free People Ashlyn Skirt Set

This has a lot of stretch to it, and would fit the baby bump nicely. Pair this with burgundy sandals and chunky jewelry. This set would also be nice for a gender reveal party. Make sure to check out these elegant dresses for your gender reveal party.

women wearing khaki two piece maternity skirt set
Free People

4. Maternity Dresses Black Two-Piece Flowy Maternity Set For Photoshoot

If you want to go the more bohemian route, then this is a great option. Also comes in a beige color! Get 20% off your first order.

blonde women wearing black two piece maternity skirt set
Maternity Dresses

5. Seraphine Cream Ribbed Maternity & Nursing Midi Dress

This two piece skirt set is ideal for a winter maternity photoshoot. I love how they paired it with white loafers for a chic and understated look. You could also pair this set with platform boots! 

black women wearing turtleneck maternity skirt set white

6. Bumpsuit The Chiffon Baby Doll Set

Imagine wearing this in a grass field with your partner. Pure elegance! (Set sold separately!)

pregnant women wearing white  sheer two piece pants set

7. PLT Maternity Olive Plisse High Waisted Pants Set

This two piece pants set from Pretty Little Thing is so chic because of the pleated fabric. Also comes in beige.

blonde women wearing olive green plisse pants set
Pretty Little Thing

8. FP Movement x Hatch Tennis Skirt Set

For all my active moms or moms-to-be, this skirt set from Free People x Hatch is ideal. This is ideal if you are planning your maternity photoshoot on a tennis court. Looking for more matching skirt sets? Check out these 13 maternity skirt and top sets that will turn heads.

women with maternity bump wearing two piece maternity skirt tennis set
Free People

9. Bumpsuit Soft Rib Long Sleeve Set

A great set to accentuate your growing bump! Looking for more black maternity clothes? Check out these 11 black maternity dresses that are perfect for a maternity photoshoot.

pregnant black women wearing two piece skirt set

10. Mommy Knows 2 Piece Lace Tube Tie Maternity Skirt Set

This two piece skirt set is perfect for a maternity photoshoot on the beach! The reviews are also very promising. Someone said, “LOVED this maternity dress. Wore it for my maternity shoot and it was exactly what I was looking for. It was pretty enough for my beach pics.”

blone women on the beach taking photos in two piece skirt set
Mommy Knows

11. Resa Milly Set

This is not exactly a maternity clothing line, but the pants and shirt have so much stretch and room to it, that it could work! I love this print in particular.

women wearing maternity printed pants set

12. Maternity Dresses White with Black Stripes Knit Top & Skirt Set

Pair this white and black set with sneakers for a casual look, or sandal heels for a more formal aesthetic! This will really show off your baby bump perfectly.

pregnant women wearing striped maternity two piece set
Maternity Dresses

Different Types of Maternity Sets

There's a variety of two-piece maternity sets to explore, catering to different style preferences and seasons. First up, our personal favorite is the two-piece pant set, perfect for colder weather or for those who prefer not to show off their legs. Then there are skirt sets, ideal for warmer months, especially the shorter skirt sets. You can also opt for long skirt sets to stay cozy during the fall or winter. If you are planning a maternity shoot in the fall, check out these maternity photoshoot ideas for the fall season.

Lastly, there are two-piece maternity short sets, and these are fantastic for a spring or summer photo shoot. And of course, they are such an easy way to highlight your growing baby bump.

How to Accessorize your Two-Piece Maternity Sets

When it comes to accessorizing your two-piece maternity set for your upcoming photo shoot, the possibilities are really endless. The beauty of accessories is that they can elevate any simple outfit in such a subtle way. Here are some key aspects to consider when you accessorize with certain things:

Hats are a chic way to instantly transform your maternity outfit. For a beach photo shoot, you can get a a wide-brimmed sun hat. In colder months, a cozy beanie or beret can add a touch of warmth and charm.

Next, jewelry. Don't underestimate the power of it. Statement earrings, necklaces, or bracelets can add a touch of richness to your photos. Consider pieces that complement the color of your outfit.For example, if you are wearing an all white or black outfit, go for gold jewelry. If you are wearing an all grey outfit you can go for silver jewelry. 

Additionally, wearing the right shoes can make or break your photo shoot outfit. If you are going for a casual and comfortable vibes, sandals or sneakers might be the way to go. If you're going for a more formal look, consider heeled sandals or booties. For example, if you decide to go for the FP Movement x Hatch Tennis Skirt Set, we would advise you wear cute sneakers with it. If you decide to wear something similar to the Bumpsuit Soft Rib Long Sleeve Set, we would opt for heeled sandals.

What Set Should You Wear For Different Seasons

When it comes to planning your outfits for your maternity shoot, you want to make sure you take the seasons into considerations.

For a summer photo shoot, opt for breathable fabrics like cotton or linen. Choose light, pastel colors or vibrant patterns that reflect the warm and sunny season.

As the weather cools down, lean towards richer and warmer tones like burgundy, earthy browns, or forest greens. Long skirt sets or two-piece pant sets for the photoshoot is the way to go. If we had to choose, we would pick the Pretty Little Thing Plisse Set in Olive Green.

When it comes to the winter season, look for maternity sets made from materials like knit or fleece to keep you warm. Colors like navy, burgundy, or white can create a cozy and elegant winter vibe. If you decide to do an indoor or at home maternity photoshoot then you have nothing to worry about! 

Lastly, spring is all about regrowth and freshness. We would opt for floral prints and lighter pastel colors. Short skirt sets or dresses with delicate stitching can capture the essence of this season.


In the grand journey of pregnancy, a maternity photoshoot is super important because it captures this special time in your life. Your choice of a two-piece maternity set can play a great role in making those pictures special. 

By accessorizing accordingly and planning your shoot based on the season, you will have the photoshoot of your dreams.

So, as you embark on this unique pregnancy journey, remember that your maternity photo shoot is a celebration of you, your growing family, and the love you are surrounded with. Good luck!