Top Remote Job Options for Mothers with Infants

Top Remote Job Options for Mothers with Infants

The arrival of a newborn heralds a period filled with joy yet poses its own set of challenges, especially for those striving to balance professional commitments with the demands of parenthood. The dilemma of dividing time between nurturing a young one and meeting career obligations is a common predicament. However, the landscape of work has evolved, offering remote roles that cater to the needs of new mothers, enabling them to blend family life with career aspirations seamlessly. Below, we delve into several employment opportunities that are ideal for mothers looking to stay engaged professionally while being present for their infants.

Virtual Assistant

The demand for virtual assistants has surged, highlighting a flexible job market responsive to the needs of today's families. These roles provide adaptable hours, making it possible to align work schedules with your child's routine. In the capacity of a virtual assistant, tasks such as email management, appointment scheduling, and responding to client queries are typical responsibilities.

This role is particularly advantageous for those who prefer or require a low-contact work environment, enabling new mothers to work comfortably without the need for direct interaction, all the while wearing their preferred maternity clothing.

Freelance Writer

If writing is your passion, freelance writing can be a fulfilling career choice for mothers caring for newborns. You have the option to write articles, blog posts, and website content covering an array of topics from the comfort of your own home. Freelance writing provides the flexibility to set your working hours and take breaks whenever necessary to attend to your baby.

Virtual Educator

Offering online tutoring services is a work-from-home opportunity that lets you assist students with their needs while being present at home with your little one. You can specialize in subjects you excel in, such as mathematics, science, or languages. Online tutoring platforms offer scheduling options for both part-time and full-time engagements.

Becoming a tutor could be a fit for you; however, it requires being on camera during sessions. This means wearing business professional maternity attire that maintains an image throughout your interactions.

Social Media Strategist

Numerous businesses seek social media specialists to enhance their visibility and engagement. As a social media manager, you can work remotely by generating content, overseeing media profiles, and interacting with followers on behalf of clients. This role allows you to showcase your creativity while tending to your child.

Graphic Designer

If you have a knack for creativity and graphic design skills, freelancing as a designer could be a fulfilling path for you. This role allows you to craft content for websites, marketing materials, and social media content right from your home, offering flexibility in project schedules and a platform to showcase your artistic abilities.


Transcriptionists transform audio and video files into written text, making it an ideal job for moms who can work during their baby’s nap or playtime. With the freedom to set your hours, this role involves transcribing content, like interviews, podcasts, and conference calls—requiring keen listening skills and meticulous attention to detail.

Virtual Event Planner

Event planning is both challenging and rewarding and can be managed remotely. As a virtual event planner, you can assist clients in organizing meetings, webinars, and conferences from the comfort of your home while efficiently juggling baby care responsibilities.

E-commerce Entrepreneur

For moms seeking a home-based business opportunity that aligns with their lifestyle demands, launching an e-commerce venture could be an exhilarating prospect. You have the option to sell items on the internet using platforms such as Etsy, eBay, or Shopify, or set up your own website. Operating a business provides you with the freedom to control your schedule and expand your enterprise at a pace that suits you.

Best Websites for Finding Remote Employment

For mothers with newborns seeking opportunities to work from home, there are resources to assist in locating remote job openings. Here are some websites where remote work can be found.

The Two Most Popular Platforms


This popular online platform connects freelancers with clients seeking a variety of services like design, web development, content writing, digital marketing, and more. Freelancers can create profiles to showcase their skills and expertise while bidding on projects posted by clients.


Fiverr is another highly used platform that links freelancers with clients requiring services spanning from graphic design and content creation to programming and digital marketing. The platform is recognized for its model where freelancers provide services at fixed prices starting at $5 (thus earning it the name "Fiverr").

Additional Sites to Find Remote Work

There are many places where you can find remote work. Where the two above are very popular for remote job seekers, below are additional places where you can search for remote work.

  • FlexJobs
  • We Work Remotely
  • Remote Work Hub
  • Virtual Vocations
  • Remote OK
  • Working Nomads

These recommended websites provide resources and job listings specifically tailored for mothers with newborns who are looking for remote work options. Whether you're interested in an assistant position, freelance writing gig, online tutoring role, or e-commerce opportunity, these platforms can assist you in exploring job opportunities that align with your skills and lifestyle. Working from home allows you, as a new mother, to have flexibility and independence to balance career goals while also allowing you to still enjoy being a new mother.

Remote Work Makes Being a New Mother Easier

The surge in remote work options has significantly eased the process for new mothers to secure work-from-home positions while taking care of their new little ones. Whether you decide to work as an assistant, freelance writer, online tutor, social media manager, graphic designer, transcriptionist, virtual event planner, or e-commerce entrepreneur, there are many opportunities that will align with your abilities and passions. Opting for remote work enables you to still go after your goals and take care of your family while still being comfortable in your maternity clothes as you recover from childbirth. Remote work really allows new mothers to contribute to their families financially while still being able to enjoy being a new mother.