13 Maternity Tops For Work


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Expecting a child while simultaneously managing the demands of a hectic work schedule? Finding the perfect balance between comfort and looking “put together” in the workplace can be difficult, especially when you're pregnant.

Good news! We've spent countless house scouring the internet searching for the best maternity tops for work in 2023.

Whether you are attending meetings, giving presentations, or simply want to have that “professional look”, these tops for work will become your go-to wardrobe essentials. So, let's dive right in and discover the versatility, comfort, and style of our favorite maternity blouses for work!

13 Maternity Tops For Work

1. Maternity Belly Support Maternity Top For Work

This maternity work top from Blanqi is a best-seller for good reason! “Designed with generous over-the-bust support and opaque stretchy belly panel for ultimate comfort and wear anywhere versatility.” Pair this with black flared pants and flats for a professional look.

pregnant women wearing black maternity top for work

2. White Cotton Maternity & Nursing Top

I love this white buttoned blouse from Seraphine. It looks super comfortable, but also professional. It has discrete nursing zippers and drawstring empire ties. Pair this with black leggings for the workplace.

pregnant women wearing white button down top for work

3. PinkBlush Ivory Striped Peplum Ruffle Maternity Top

Pair this with a pair of your favorite denim jeans and ballet flats for a chic and casual work look!

pregnant women wearing ivory striped blouse
Pink Blush

4. Green Lightweight Sheer Button Down Top

Love this color and the the fabric is very lightweight and breathable! This would be great to pair with light denim jeans and Chanel flats. We know life can get busy, especially as a working mom, which is why it's important to never skip meals. Check out this article on how long you can go without eating while pregnant.

pregnant women wearing green button down maternity top for work
Pink Blush Maternity

5. The Classic Button down

So classy and chic. Crafted from cotton shirting, HATCH’s spin on the classic button down hits all the marks: a crisp collar, inverted pleat at center back and stiff banded cuffs! Love.

pregnant women wearing blue button down for work

6. Lux Short Sleeve Ribbed Top

This maternity work top from A Pea In the Pod is so versatile and comes in various different colors. Looks super stretchy and comfortable as well. They also ship pretty fast if you reside in the U.S

pregnant women wearing grey bodycon short sleeve maternity top for work
Pea In The Pod

7. Modern Crewneck Maternity Long Sleeve

You can always count on GAP for having good quality basics at an affordable price. I love this long sleeve maternity top since you can pair it with almost anything - jeans, suit pants, or even a pencil skirt.

pregnant women wearing white maternity long sleeve top for work

8. Long Sleeve Maternity Wrap Top

Love this maternity wrap top from Ingrid & Isabel. It has easy nursing access and comes in sizes ranging from XS-XL. 

pregnant women wearing navy maternity top for work
Ingrid & Isabel

9. Pietro Brunelli Poplin Maternity Shirt

Love the soft-blue color of this maternity top. It gives off such a polished and professional look while maintaining style and comfort.

blue button down blouse maternity top for work
A Pea In The Pod

10. Women's Maternity Tie Front Wrap Top

You can always count on Amazon to have everything you need. This wrap top comes in a bunch of colors and is a best-seller with promising customer reviews! One customer said, "Item looks exactly like it does in the photos. Fabric is soft and stretchy. Runs true to size. Fitted look. I’m nearing the end of my 2nd trimester. I didn’t read the description closely, but it is a wrap style on top which appears perfect for breastfeeding."


11. Maternity Body Tank Top

If you are looking to buy gifts for your pregnant wife, this is THE place to buy! Hatch has some really cool and trendy pieces for pregnant women. This tank top is a “wardrobe building block that is sure to flatter your changing shape.” This tank top would also be great for a casual maternity photoshoot! Check out these 10 at-home maternity shoot ideas that will turn out flawless.

blonde women wearing white maternity tank top for work

12. Women's Turtleneck Long Sleeve

This maternity turtleneck top is a great pick for the winter. This maternity turtleneck top from Ingrid and Isabel has a super chic and timeless look. You can also wear this post-pregnancy (just tuck it in to your pants!)

women wearing grey turtleneck maternity top for profession work in the winter
Ingrid & Isabel

13. Women's Maternity Tunics Top

The long sleeve maternity wrap top has great reviews and is so affordable! Comes in various different colors and sizes. Pair this with white jeans and your work shoes for a polished look. This is also a great top to lounge around in and around the house. Speaking of the lounging around the house, if you're still on maternity leave, check out these 15 efficient things you can be doing while on maternity leave.

women wearing burgundy maternity wrap top for work

Top Styles of Maternity Tops for Work in 2023

More often than not we see brands designing tops that have a blend of classic and contemporary styles to cater to working moms. There are many different types of maternity pieces for work including:


Wrap Blouses


Wrap blouses are a best-seller in the maternity world because they are known for their adaptability and timeless look. They effortlessly accommodate a growing baby bump while maintaining a chic style, making them a go-to choice for expecting mothers. In 2023, several brands are introducing innovative designs and patterns, making sure that wrap blouses continue to make waves in the world of maternity fashion.


Button-Down Shirts with Adjustments


Button-Down tops are also a best-seller for the workplace as they are timeless, breathable, and comfortable. Some button-down tops also have unique adjustable ties on the waist or torso catering to your growing baby bump.




Tunics are super versatile and give off a very polished look for the workplace.


Maternity Tank Tops with Blazers


Maternity tank tops are great to pair with blazers and also gives you the option to mix-and-match them with other types of clothes. Depending on the workplace, you can even pair them with a skirt or a pair of denim jeans!

How do I choose the right size in maternity tops for work?

Choosing the right size in maternity blouses is crucial since you are constantly growing at a rapid rate and want to maintain comfort. We always recommend starting with your pre-pregnancy size as a baseline.

Next, you should consult the brand’s sizing chart for specific measurements and read any customer reviews for fit insights. Measuring your bust and waist periodically during your pregnancy is super helpful as well as choosing fabrics that have stretch or adjustable bands to accommodate your growing bump.

Are maternity tops for work different from regular maternity tops?

Is there a difference between regular maternity tops and maternity tops for work? The answer is yes.

Maternity tops are meant to have a more formal and timeless aesthetic. Think classic cuts and tailored details. Maternity work clothes are less likely to have crazy colors/prints and more neutral solid colors that are more suitable for the workplace.

Maternity blouses will also have different types of fabrics such as higher quality and wrinkle resistant fabrics that drape well. They might use more diverse fabrics and a more casual look. This may include fabrics that feature adjustable waistbands or ruching to accommodate your growing baby bump while keeping a tailored appearance.

Lastly, the tops will most likely include features such as hidden zippers for discreet nursing or extra layers for added coverage and comfort. Regular maternity tops are less likely to have these features since they focus more on style and design.

Can I wear maternity tops post-pregnancy

Absolutely! Maternity tops can certainly be worn post-pregnancy, and they offer several advantages. Many maternity blouses are designed to accommodate a growing baby bump with extra length and stretchy materials, which can continue to provide comfort even after childbirth.

Are you doing a maternity photoshoot soon? Check out this guide on what to wear for your maternity photo session.

Plus, these tops often feature discreet nursing access, making them ideal for breastfeeding moms. So, you can transition seamlessly from pregnancy to post-pregnancy with your maternity pieces to get the most value for your money. They're a practical and versatile investment that will have you stay comfortable and stylish post-pregnancy.

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