13 Fall Maternity Shoot Ideas: Fun & Elegant


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Planning a maternity shoot in the Fall and struggling to find inspiration on what to do? Don't worry, we've got you covered. We've done the dirty work and curated a collection of the best fall maternity shoot ideas that are sure to spark inspiration.

From capturing photos during golden hour, to the intimate coziness of a maternity shoot at home, there's many options to choose from. These ideas are not only bound to inspire you but also nicely capture the vibe and aesthetic of autumn. Whether you're wanting a rustic outdoor shoot or a warm and snug indoor photo session, our list will help you find the perfect way to embrace this special season during your pregnancy journey.

13 Fall Maternity Shoot Ideas

1. Gloomy beach photos

Gloomy beach photos hold a special place in our heart. They exude such a cozy and ethereal ambiance that's hard to put into words. We recommend wearing a beautiful maxi dress and sandals.

pregnant women taking photo at gloomy beach
Chloe Alyssa Photography
pregnant women taking picture on the coast of big sur
Chloe Alyssa Photography
women in pink ruffle long dress taking photo at the beach
Ruzin Cunningham Photography

2. In the wheat fields

I love the wheat fields during the Fall season, especially with an orange dress. Taking the shoot in the fields can get you so many unique shots too! Planning a gender reveal party any time soon? Check out these 15 gender reveal dresses for moms! There are some really cute Fall dress options in there too!

pregnant women wearing orange long sleeve dress in wheat field
women in orange dress taking photos in wheat field
Rachel Perrella Photography
woman in arange maxi dress taking maternity photos in outdoor field

3. On a sheet in the fields

Your maternity photoshoot doesn't have to be complicated. It can be as easy as grabbing a bedsheet, a few flowers, and heading outdoors. There's a timeless and chic charm in capturing your moments on a sheet in the fields.

Before planning your maternity shoot, make sure you know when to take your maternity photos throughout your pregnancy.

pregnant women wearing mint green maxi dress in the field with flowers
Roxana B Photography
blonde women wearing maternity dress outdoors
Roxana B Photography
women posing for maternity shoot on a sheet in the field
Roxana B Photography
blonde pregnant women wearing white button down posing in a field

4. Pumpkin patch

Nothing says 'Fall' quite like a maternity shoot at the pumpkin patch. It's incredibly easy and captures the essence of the season perfectly. Plus, you can even include your significant other, pet, or older child to make it even more special. Attending a wedding soon? Check out these maternity dresses for wedding guests starting at just $41!

couple taking pictures at pumpkin patch for maternity photos
family posing with pumpkins at pumpkin patch

5. Neutral backdrop

Using a white backdrop is a very cost effective and  timeless way to do your maternity photoshoot. What I love about a white backdrop is that it's your canvas and you can choose to do whatever you want with it.  For example, you can go for a more casual  maternity photoshoot with jeans and a t-shirt, or go for a more formal shoot with a maxi dress and stiletto heels. You can even add props in the shoot! The options are endless making for some creative fall photos. Looking for matching skirt sets like this one? Check out these 13 maternity skirt and top sets that are cute and affordable!

wife and husband taking maternity photo session with white backdrop

6. Pond

Using a pond as the backdrop for your maternity photo session offers a very earthy and timeless look. Guide your photographer in taking photos by the pond, inside the pond, or capture the gentle reflection of your growing baby bump on the waters surface.

pregnant blonde women wearing long orange dress by the pond
Teegan Tagg Photography 
couple posing by the pond for maternity photoshoot
women holding her baby bump in the pond

7. Cornfields

Pick out a beautiful orange dress and pose in the middle of the orange cornfields. 

This can be a very visually striking and thematic shot with the vivid contrast between the earthy tones of the cornfield and warm hues of your dress. 

pregnant women wearing orange dress holding baby bump in corn fields

8. On a bridge

Capturing your maternity photos on a bridge is a fantastic idea because it offers a variety of angles to play with. Your photographer can shoot from above, below, and at eye level, giving you a diverse range of perspectives that make your photos pop.

women wearing yellow dress on a bridge
Emily Threatt Photography
women with baby bump standing on top of a bridge
Fit City Mum

9. With your partner outdoors

Getting your partner involved in your maternity shoot is a great idea, especially if you're not too comfortable posing solo. It can result in beautifully candid and natural shots of both of you. If we had to pick a favorite, an outdoor shoot where you both can relax, lay down, and hold hands would be our top choice. It's all about capturing that pure connection between the two of you.

couple laying down on grass field for maternity photoshoot
couple holding hands in the grass fields

10. Sunset golden hour

There's nothing quite like capturing your photos during golden hour. It offers such a natural and effortless look, while creating some breathtaking photos.

couple holding hands on mountain during golden hour
women holding her baby bump in grass fields sunset
husband kissing wife belly during sunset

11. Boho vibe

This feels like a scene right out of a 1950s magazine. The mom hanging up baby clothes on the rack perfectly fits the theme, and it's visually charming to the eye. Based on these photos, we would recommend wearing a white off-the-shoulder maxi dress.

pregnant women hanging baby clothes in the forest
women wearing white dress hanging white baby clothes outdoors
Eleven Eleven Photography 
pregnant women sitting outdoors on a white bedsheet
Eleven Eleven Photography 

12. Cozy up at home

Some moms prefer not to freeze outdoors for their Fall maternity shoot. In that case, opt in for a  cozy shoot  in the comfort of your own home. You can wear pajamas or something more intimate. Check out these at-home maternity shoot ideas for more inspiration.

brunette pregnant women sitting by the window holding baby bump
pregnant lady holding her stomach in the bedroom

13. By the fireplace

Speaking of cozy, you can do a cute and intimate shoot by the fireplace. You can accessorize with string lights, blankets, hot chocolate or tea, or even your pet!

pregnant lady sitting by the fireplace
Sarah Sidwell Photography 
pregnant lady sitting by the fireplace holding her stomach
Sarah Sidwell Photography 

Embracing the Fall Season

While many moms might prefer warmer seasons for maternity photoshoots, there are so many reasons to enjoy the fall season. Fall brings a unique charm to photoshoots with its vibrant leaves that you can't get in any other season. 

It also connects beautifully with the transformative journey of pregnancy, making it an ideal time to capture this significant life transition. And, if you're a pumpkin spice latte and cozy fireplace type of girl, then Fall is the perfect season for your maternity photoshoot! 

Seasonal Timing and Lighting

The unique light of fall—softer and more golden than the harsher sun of summer—can cast a magical glow on your maternity shoot. However, with the days growing shorter, timing becomes crucial. The golden hour, that short period after sunrise or before sunset, offers warm, diffused light that flatters the skin and highlights the colors of fall. Planning your shoot during these times not only ensures gorgeous lighting but also adds a dreamy, ethereal quality to your photos. Discuss with your photographer the best time to capture the kind of light that will make your maternity shoot truly shine.

What To Wear For Your Fall Maternity Shoot

When it comes to choosing your outfits for a fall maternity photoshoot, the goal is to find something that's timeless and elegant

Try embracing the seasons warm color palette by going for warm browns, deep oranges, rich burgundies, and forest greens. These colors not only complement the autumn season but also goes nicely with the outdoor backdrop (if that's what you choose).

Opt for flowy maxi dresses that catch the gentle autumn breeze, adding a motherly feel to your photos. You can also go for a body-con dress to emphasize your growing bump! And if body-con dresses are a bit uncomfortable for you, opt in for a sweater dress and delicate jewelry. Speaking of comfort, check out these comfortable pregnancy announcement dresses!

Celebrating Fall Colors

Fall is a painter's dream, with its canvas of crimson, gold, and amber hues transforming ordinary landscapes into breathtaking scenes. For a maternity shoot, leveraging these vibrant colors can elevate your photos from beautiful to extraordinary. Seek out locations known for their fall foliage—parks with diverse tree species, orchards ripe with fruit, and even vineyards offer a splendid backdrop. The contrast between the rich colors of the season and the radiant glow of expectant motherhood creates a stunning visual harmony. When planning your outfit, consider colors that complement the environment; earth tones, deep reds, and burnt oranges can harmonize beautifully with the natural backdrop.

Choosing The Right Location

Choosing the perfect location for your fall maternity photoshoot is all about capturing the vibe and aesthetic that resonate with you. If you're seeking a natural and earthy atmosphere, consider heading to the fields or a serene forest.

If you are yearning for a waterfront backdrop, a photoshoot by a tranquil pond or a gloomy beach is a great option. 

And if you're looking for a low-effort yet highly rewarding option, why not opt for a photoshoot right in the comfort of your own home? This choice opens up a so many possibilities with various shots and backdrops at your disposal, making it an excellent alternative. This is also a great option if the weather in your area tends to be unpredictable.

Ultimately, your location should align seamlessly with your photoshoot vision, whether it's the serenity of nature, the liveliness of a pumpkin patch, or the cozy allure of your home's fireplace. Each choice brings its own unique charm, allowing you to craft your vision into reality!

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Planning a fall photoshoot doesn't have to be complicated or pricey. With just a little bit of creativity, you can create beautiful and timeless photos that you'll cherish for years to come. If we had to pick our favorite, it would probably be the gloomy beach photo session - it just makes us feel some type of way. We hope you were able to get inspired by these fall maternity photo session ideas. As the time is soon approaching, check out these 15 essential things you should do on maternity leave.