10 Maternity Nightgown and Robe Sets


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Are you a mom searching for a maternity nightgown and robe set? Well, you've landed in the right spot. We've searched high and low for the best maternity nightgown and robe set for all the moms or moms-to-be. Whether you're looking to lounge around the house, or wear a set to bed we got what you're looking for!

10 Maternity Nightgown and Robe Set

1. Amazon SWOMOG Womens Maternity Robe 2 Piece Nursing Nightgown

Love this robe set from Amazon. It comes in so many different colors too! Great reviews and is Amazon Prime. Attending a wedding while pregnant? Check out these cute and comfortable maternity wedding guest dresses!

women wearing burgundy maternity night gown set

2. Angel Maternity Hospital Pack Nursing Nightgown, Robe & Baby Wrap

This is a 3-piece set that comes with a nightgown, robe, and matching baby wrap. This is ideal for wearing before going to the hospital for labor.

women holding baby wearing pink striped robe and slip gown

3. SHEIN Contrast Lace Nightdress & Robe Set

Love this color! This comes as a set, so $26 is a steal! It's ideal if you are expecting a baby boy too! Planning a maternity shoot? Check out these at-home maternity shoot ideas that will come out legit!

pregnant women wearing light blue robe nightgown set

4. Eberjay Inez Washable Silk Robe

This robe is from Eberjay, and made from 100% machine washable silk, hence the expensive price tag. It comes with a matching silk slip dress

women wearing off white silk robe set

5. Boohoo Maternity Button Front Nightgown and Robe

This robe set also comes in grey! This robe set is extremely soft, stretchy, and made with extra fabric to accomodate your growing baby bump. It also has an elasticated waistband built-in for more stretch.

brunette pregnant women wearing black night gown and robe

6. Lake Pima Robe in English Rose Blockprint

Lake Pajamas is known for having some of the finest quality fabrics. This robe is made from 100% pima cotton, so you know the fabric is super lightweight and breathable. You can find the matching maternity nightgown here

pregnant women wearing printed pink maternity robe
Lake Pajamas

7. Amazon Latuza Women's Viscose Nursing Nightgown and Robe Set

Love this teal color. Its $38 and part of Amazon Prime. One customer said, Love this set. Will buy again. It feels wonderful. Fits in a flattering way. Love the adjustable straps!” 

pregnant women wearing matching blue nigh gown and robe

8. Eberjay Beatrix TENCEL™ Modal Robe

Eberjay is known to have very soft and good quality pajamas. One customer reviewed this product and said, “I own this in two colors and now a third. Longtime lover of all Eberjey chemises, but this is by my favorite. The fit is so comfortable and so flattering. Great support too. Can't wait to pick up a fourth in a new color.” You can find the matching slip nightgown here.

black women wearing pink maternity robe and slip dress

9. Bumpsuit The Cloud Robe

This is a nice robe set to lounge around the house in! You can find the matching nightgown slip dress here. One customer reviewed it and said, "One customer reviewed the nightgown and said, “During pregnancy, this dress is fantastic for covering all of those annoying lumps and cellulite... but then it is perfect for after pregnancy too! I plan on wearing my Bumpsuit items forever!”

women wearing white maternity lounge robe

10. Quince Bamboo Jersey Maternity & Nursing Nightgown and Robe Set

This set looks so soft! It's made from Bamboo jersey so it's hypoallergenic and has a soft/silky touch to it. It's also designed with nursing in mind - the silhouette ensures straps will not fall down during feeding sessions. This comes in a black color as well.

women wearing matching navy jersey night gown and robe

Versatile Use: From Sleepwear to Loungewear to Hospital Wear

The primary function of a maternity nightgown is, of course, for comfortable and restful sleep. During pregnancy, when your regular pajamas might become too tight or uncomfortable, a maternity nightgown offers extra room for your growing belly. The majority of maternity nightgowns are also made from and breathable materials to help you sleep well, especially during the later stages of pregnancy. Speaking of pregnancy stages, if you're still waiting for the right moment to share your pregnancy news with friends and family, these stunning pregnancy announcement dresses are worth a look!

Maternity nightgown sets are also perfect for just lounging on the couch, preparing a quick snack, or when you have close friends or family over.

When the time comes, having your robe set is ideal when your heading to the hospital for labor. Some maternity nightgowns are even designed to accommodate fetal monitors and epidurals. This can help you feel more comfortable during such a difficult time!

Lastly, after giving birth, comfort is crucial during your postpartum stage. A robe set can continue to be your go-to choices for comfort and convenience, especially if you're nursing your newborn in the middle of the night. 

Trust me when I say a nightgown and robe set is crucial during your pregnancy and postpartum. It's not just about sleep, but also comfort and convenience.

Fabric and Material Selections

The choice of fabrics in your maternity nightgown sets is crucial. as it can significantly impact your comfort.

Cotton is a very popular choice because it's a natural, breathable fabric that feels soft against the skin. If you are someone who experiences increased body temperature due to your hormonal changes, then cotton is an excellent choice. 

Cotton is also a hypoallergenic material, making it ideal for those with sensitive skin or allergies. 

Modal is another popular choice in maternity nightgown sets. It comes from beech trees and is known for its incredible softness and silky feel. Modal nightgowns are super comfortable and gentle on the skin, making them a more similar/affordable alternative to silk. If you experience night sweats during your sleep, modal is really good at absorbing moisture.

There are also robe sets that offer a blend of fabrics such as cotton and modal. Such blends are particularly versatile, making them suitable for different seasons and your individual preferences.

Lastly, there is silk - the most expensive fabric of them all. The benefits of a silk nightgown set include breathability, lightweight, and it's ability to regulate your body temperature. It's hypoallergenic making it an excellent choice for a good nights sleep. Not only is it comfortable in all aspects, but it drapes and looks beautiful on the body. 

Ultimately, the choice of fabric and material you choice depends on your own personal preference, body type, and the particular season we are in!


I hope you were able to find the perfect nightgown set. It's definitely recommended to invest in a robe set because of how beneficial and versatile they can be during your pregnancy journey. 

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