Ideas to Capture Your Maternity Photos Outdoors

Ideas to Capture Your Maternity Photos Outdoors

Becoming a new mother is an exciting time and a time that you want to capture to remember for years to come. A maternity photoshoot outdoors offers a unique and enriching opportunity to celebrate the beauty of pregnancy, connect with nature, unleash creativity, and create lasting memories that capture the essence of this special and transformative time in your life. The ever-changing elements of the outdoors, such as sunlight, shadows, wind, and weather, can inspire creativity and spontaneity in your maternity photoshoot.

Outdoor locations offer endless possibilities for unique compositions, candid moments, and creative poses that capture the essence of your pregnancy journey in an authentic and imaginative way. From natural light effects to seasonal changes, outdoor shoots can spark creative ideas and emotions that enrich the storytelling and artistry of your maternity images. Here are some ideas to consider for a memorable outdoor maternity photoshoot:

Blooming Gardens

Choose a botanical garden or flower field as the backdrop for your maternity photoshoot. The vibrant colors and natural beauty of blooming flowers can create a stunning and ethereal ambiance for your photos. Consider wearing a flowy floral dress to complement the surroundings and add to the dreamy atmosphere.

If you do live near botanical gardens, in the spring there are fields of flowers that can be found in the area where you live if you look for them. You can consider taking photos in these fields as a substitute for botanical gardens.

Sunset Silhouettes

Plan your photoshoot during the golden hour before sunset to capture breathtaking silhouettes against the warm, glowing sky. Silhouette shots can create a dramatic and artistic effect, highlighting the curves of your baby bump and the bond between you and your partner for your maternity photoshoot.

Beach Bliss

Head to the beach for a serene and picturesque maternity photoshoot by the water. The tranquil sound of the waves, the soft sand beneath your feet, and the vast expanse of the ocean can provide a serene setting for intimate and romantic photos. Flowy beach dresses, barefoot walks along the shore, and gentle embraces with your partner can bring a sense of tranquility and connection to your images.

Woodland Wander

Explore a nearby forest or woodland area for a rustic and enchanting maternity photoshoot in nature. Serene forest paths, sun-dappled clearings, and majestic trees can create a magical backdrop for your photos. Embrace the natural surroundings by incorporating earthy tones, bohemian attire, and whimsical props like flower crowns or dreamcatchers for a mystical and free-spirited feel.

Lakeside Serenity

A lakeside location offers a tranquil and reflective setting for your outdoor maternity photoshoot. Capture the peaceful waters, lush greenery, and serene atmosphere as a backdrop for your photos. Consider sitting by the lakeshore, floating flower petals on the water, or enjoying a leisurely picnic with your partner for romantic and idyllic images.

Mountain Majesty

If you love the great outdoors and breathtaking landscapes, consider a mountain maternity photoshoot for a majestic and awe-inspiring experience. Head to a scenic mountain overlook, alpine meadow, or forested trail to capture the grandeur of nature alongside the beauty of pregnancy. Cozy sweater dresses and adventurous poses can enhance the rugged and natural charm of mountainous settings.

Urban Elegance

Embrace the urban landscape for a sophisticated and modern outdoor maternity photoshoot. Explore city streets, architectural landmarks, and vibrant neighborhoods to create a contemporary and chic backdrop for your photos. Stylish city-inspired outfits, street art backdrops, and urban scenery can add a fashionable and cosmopolitan touch to your maternity images.

Vintage Vibes

Channel nostalgic charm and retro style for a vintage-inspired outdoor maternity photoshoot. Choose a quaint park, historic district, or classic venue with timeless appeal to evoke a sense of old-world elegance in your photos. Vintage attire, antique props, and classic poses can transport your photos back in time and add a touch of timeless beauty to your maternity photos.

Make Sure to Have the Right Attire for Outdoor Photos

Once you have identified the type of outdoor maternity shoot you want to have, you will need to keep in mind the right clothing to wear. When planning your outfit for an outdoor maternity photoshoot, you'll want to choose clothing that complements the natural surroundings, enhances your baby bump, and aligns with the overall theme or style of the shoot. Flowy dresses, comfortable yet stylish maternity wear, and coordinating colors with your partner or family members can create a cohesive and visually appealing look.

For more formal or themed photoshoots, consider selecting attire that matches the specific setting or concept you're aiming for. For example, a bohemian style dress for a woodland shoot, a chic and elegant outfit for an urban setting, or a vintage dress for a retro-inspired shoot. Accessories such as hats, scarves, and jewelry can also add a personal touch and enhance the overall aesthetic of your photos.

Ultimately, the most important aspect of your attire is that you feel comfortable and confident during the photoshoot. Choose clothing that flatters your figure, reflects your personal style, and allows you to move freely and enjoy the experience. By carefully selecting your outfit and accessories, you can ensure that your outdoor maternity photoshoot captures the beauty and essence of this special time in your life.


An outdoor maternity photoshoot is a wonderful way to celebrate the beauty of pregnancy and the anticipation of welcoming a new life into the world. By choosing the right location, timing, attire, and creative approach, you can create stunning and meaningful photos that capture the essence of this transformative period. Whether you prefer a natural, urban, or themed setting, the possibilities are endless for creating a memorable and personalized maternity photoshoot that reflects your unique journey and style.

Remember to plan ahead, consider the weather and lighting conditions, and communicate your vision with your photographer to ensure a smooth and enjoyable photoshoot experience. With careful preparation and creativity, your outdoor maternity photos will become cherished keepsakes that you and your family will treasure for years to come.