How to Invite Someone to Be a Godparent

How to Invite Someone to Be a Godparent

As you start the journey down the road to parenthood, it comes with many responsibilities and decisions to consider. One of those significant choices is who will become your little one's godparent or godparents. The right godparents will shower your child with love, support, and guidance. They will also be there to help you through the tough times as a parent. That is why making the right decision is critical to this journey.

If you're contemplating how to approach someone about taking on the role of godparent for your child, it's essential to do so with care. Here we explore some factors to consider when choosing the godparent and ways to extend the invitation to them.

Understanding the Role of a Godparent

Having an understanding of the role of a godparent before you make that choice is important not only for you but also for the person being invited into this role. In today’s world, people think about the role of a godparent differently than what it used to traditionally be, which was a spiritual guide. They take the role of more of a mentor and support for you as a new parent.

You do not want to rush into this decision. You want to take your time with really thinking about who you will choose. When you carefully consider what you expect from the godparents and how their values align with your family’s, it will make the choice easier.

Choosing the Right Person

Many expecting mothers often start considering who they would pick as their child’s godparent while still donning those cute maternity dresses. It's not a decision to rush into. You want to aim to select someone you deeply trust, who shares your values, and whom you believe will have an impact on your child’s life. You might think about a sibling, close friend, or a relative who has demonstrated qualities that are important to you. Below are some considerations to think about when selecting a godparent.

  • Reliability: Will they consistently be there in your child’s life?
  • Values: Do they embody the principles and convictions important to you?
  • Relationship with your child: Do they have a bond or potential to build one?
  • Personal traits: Compassion, wisdom, leadership, and responsibility are crucial qualities in a godparent.

Preparing for the Proposal

Now comes the thrilling part—inviting someone to be a godparent. This moment deserves attention as it signifies the importance of the role you're inviting them to take on.

Heartfelt Conversation

One way to ask someone to be a godparent is through a heartfelt in-person chat. Choose a setting where you can converse without any disturbances. Start by expressing your appreciation and affection for them. For example:

Opening Statement

"[Name], your presence in our lives has been truly meaningful and we value your friendship immensely..."

Explain Why You Have Selected Them

"We've witnessed your kindness and thoughtfulness, and we believe that your values and love would greatly enrich [child’s name]'s life..."

Formally Invite Them to be the Godparent

"We would be honored if you would consider becoming [child’s name]'s godparent."

Give them time to process and ask any questions they might have. This is a decision for them to make, so allow them the space to absorb the information.

Special Keepsakes

Presenting someone with a keepsake that they can cherish forever is a kindhearted gesture. Here are a few thoughtful ideas to consider.

Custom Jewelry

Jewelry or accessories always make a great gift. An engraved bracelet, pendant, or cufflinks can serve as lasting keepsakes with a personalized message.

Personalized Items

A photo frame that includes a space for a picture of your loved one with your child or a custom mug with a message can be heartfelt choices. You might even consider getting matching shirts for the godparents featuring your child’s picture.


Presenting a book along with a note adds a personal touch to the gift-giving experience. Selecting a book that holds significance for them or represents guidance and mentorship can be quite meaningful.

Remember to include a card or note along with any of these gifts. You could write something like, "Would you do us the honor of becoming [child’s name]'s godparent?"


There are many ways to get creative when asking someone to be your child’s godparent. Consider crafting an invitation that's tangible and heartfelt to make the occasion truly memorable.

Photo Album

Create an album showcasing moments leading up to and following your baby’s birth. Conclude the album with either a note or printed page posing the question, "Will you be [child’s name]'s godparent?"

Video Message

If appropriate and you are comfortable, consider recording a sincere video message. Share why they hold a special place in your heart and are crucial to your child’s path. You could even feature snippets of you and your partner or perhaps a brief appearance by your little one!

Unexpected Get Together

Arrange an intimate gathering at your place. This gives you the chance to don your elegant maternity dress and show it off while also having a great time. Extend an invitation to the godparents under the pretense of a dinner or a festivity. When the moment feels right, unveil your proposal in a comfortable environment.

Add Some Fun

If the person you're considering enjoys a light-hearted approach or has a playful side, think about making the request enjoyable. You could even do something like giving them a personalized puzzle that reveals the message "Will you be my godparent?" when solved.

Another idea is to create a scavenger hunt. You could set up clues that lead them to a note or gift inviting them to become the godparent. No matter which approach you take, make sure it aligns with both your personality and theirs. Authenticity always leaves the best impression.

Make the Right Choice for Who Your Child’s Godparent Should Be

The choice of your little one’s godparent or parents is a big one. They will be with you through good times, hard times, and for your little one when needed. As you sit in your rocking chair in your baby’s nursery in your comfortable maternity outfit, contemplating who should take on this responsibility, don’t make this decision lightly. Additionally, when you make that choice, be open to talk and ensure that you are clear on what this role means an