15 Gender Reveal Dresses For Mom


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Are you a mom searching for the perfect gender reveal dress? Then you've come to the right place! We have searched the internet for some of the best gender reveal dresses for moms that range in so many different styles and colors. Whether you're looking for a blue or pink dress, or something neutral we got it all! Let's dive right in.

15 Gender Reveal Dresses For Mom

1. Maternity Dresses Brown Knitted Midi Dress

This dress is ideal for a Spring or Summer gender reveal party. You can also layer up and wear it during the Fall too! Speaking of Fall, check out these 13 unique fall maternity shoot ideas.

blonde pregnant  women wearing brown midi dress with heels
Maternity Dresses

2. Bumpsuit The Serena Dress

If you don't want to wear a neutral color, opt for blue or pink! A lot of moms do this in hopes that they get a boy or girl depending on the color they choose to wear. Side note: this dress also comes in pink!

women wearing blue body con maternity dress for gender reveal party

3. Maternity Dresses Stone Two-Piece Flowy Maternity Set

Show off that bump with this dress set. Looks so chic, elegant, and comfortable. Great for the warmer season since the fabric looks so breathable! Speaking of breathable, check out these 10 maternity nightgown and robe sets that are crafted from breathable and luxurious fabrics. 

pregnant women wearing beige maternity dress with brown heel
Maternity Dresses

4. Majorelle Mistwood Gender Reveal Dress

Pink, blue, neutral? Why not all in one. This dress from Majorelle looks so comfortable. I also love how the model dressed it with strappy sandals. Still waiting to announce your pregnancy? Check out these beautiful pregnancy announcement dresses!

women wearing pink top and skirt set with sandals

5. Pinkblush Cream Off Shoulder Ruffle Tiered Maternity Maxi Dress

Such a comfortable and chic dress. Pair this with wedge heels and gold jewelry. 

pregnant women wearing off the shoulder cream maxi dress

6. Maternity Dresses Black with White Stripes Knit Dress Set

This dress set, with your favorite pair of sneakers, and statement earrings is chefs kiss. This also comes in a white color way as well. Guests at your gender reveal party will go crazy over this one, including hubby. 

pregnant women wearing black and white striped skirt set for gender reveal party
Maternity Dresses

7. Selkie The Moonlight Dress

Obsessed with this dress. It's not meant to a maternity dress, but it is so puffy and spacious that it will fit your growing baby bump! It comes in blue and a floral print as well. The reviews on this product are also so good! One customer said, “Oh My GOSH! All eyes were on me I'm this dress! If you want to feel the most beautiful, buy this dress! I got compliments all night long!”

brunette women wearing pink puffy mini maternity dress

8. Sexy Mama Maternity Long-Sleeve Gender Reveal Maternity Gown

This gender reveal dress comes in over 10+ colors. It looks super compressing but also comfortable enough to wear all day for your party! 

pregnant women wearing white body con maternity dress
Sexy Mama Maternity

9. Pea in the Pod Green Floral Maxi Dress

Perfect for a Spring gender reveal party! It's made from 100% cotton so you know the fabric is super breathable and lightweight.

blonde pregnant women wearing green top and skirt maternity set

10. Maternity Dresses Cream Sweater Off the Shoulder Mini Dress

For all my moms having their gender reveal parties in the Fall or Winter, this dress is perfect. Sexy, cozy, and elegant.

women wearing cream knit off the shoulder mini dress for gender reveal party
Maternity Dresses

11. Pea in the Pod BB Dakota Knit Midi Maternity Dress

Love these colors. 

pregnant women wearing maternity midi dress
Pea in the Pod

12. Maternity Dresses Pink Side Slit Cami Dress

A cute basic pink fitted dress with thin straps and a side slit. Simple and elegant, and can be accessorized with jewelry and a nice pair of heels. This also comes in a strapless version.

brunette women wearing pink slit midi dress with black heels
Maternity Dresses

13. Club London Blue Puffed Shoulder Mini Dress

This comes in white too, making it perfect for a baby shower too! If you're planning a baby shower in the near future, check out these pink baby shower dresses!

pregnant brunette women wearing blue puffed mini dress with heels
Club London

14. Maternity Dresses Lemon Paper Bag Mini Dress

Love the matching sandal heels the model is wearing!

brunette women wearing beige paper bag mini maternity dress
Maternity Dresses

15. Seraphine Khaki Ribbed Knit Midi Maternity Dress

Super minimal and elegant. Love how they paired it with loafers too. 

pregnant women wearing brown ribbed midi dress

What is a Gender Reveal Party?

A gender reveal party is a special celebration held during pregnancy to announce the gender of the baby to family and friends. It typically takes place sometime between the 18th and 20th week of pregnancy when the baby's gender can usually be determined through ultrasound. The who idea of the party is about revealing whether the baby will be a boy or a girl, creating a fun and exciting atmosphere.

There are so many fun and unique ways that couples find out about the gender of their baby. It can range from receiving a sealed envelope from their doctor containing the baby's gender,  cutting into a cake with colored icing (blue or pink) that represents the baby's gender, popping a balloon filled with colored confetti, or even a colorful smoke or fireworks display. Our favorite is having a pet eat a cake to reveal the color, or barge into the room with colored balloons! 

Gender reveal parties are known for being lighthearted and a fun way to get all your loved ones together. Guests often bring gifts or participate in games to add to the festive atmosphere.

Different Types of Gender Reveal Dresses

When it comes to gender reveal dresses, you've got a whole bunch of styles and colors to choose from. But one of the all-time favorites is the classic pink or blue dress. It's kind of like a fun guessing game for moms. They'll usually rock either pink or blue, showing off whether they're secretly hoping for a boy or a girl. 

Then there are moms who go for neutral-toned dresses. These dresses are more subtle and timeless, keeping the gender a secret until the big reveal. 

Lastly, some moms go for a combination of both pink and blue dresses. This creates a captivating and fun atmosphere that keeps everyone guessing until the big moment of revealing the gender.

No matter what dress you decide to choose, make sure you pick something that speaks to your style needs and makes you feel comfortable in your own skin!

Accessorizing your Gender Reveal Dress

Elevating your gender reveal dress with accessories is a fantastic way to showcase your personal style. Start by considering your dress's color. If you're rocking a classic pink or blue number, neutral-toned accessories and shoes create a chic contrast. For example, with a beautiful blue dress, go for silver sandal heels and matching jewelry to create a cohesive, stylish look.

If you've gone for a neutral-toned dress, you have more room for creativity. Keep it simple with neutral accents or add a pop of color with dazzling metallics. Take a beige body-con gender reveal dress, for instance; complement it with gold metallic heels and stunning gold jewelry to make your outfit truly stand out.

Jewelry is a fantastic way to add a touch of glamour to your outfit. Whether it's through statement earrings, a stylish necklace, or a stack of bangle bracelets, these embellishments can add elegance and individuality to your attire. 

By accessorizing your dress, you'll make a lasting impression at your gender reveal celebration! Make sure to check out these other gender reveal dresses for moms if you didn't love anything above!


Choosing the perfect gender reveal dress is only a sliver of excitement of this unique journey. Whether you opt for the classic pink or blue, venture into neutral tones, or combine both, remember to pick something that speaks to you and your needs. If you loved this read, make sure to check out these two piece maternity sets for your maternity photoshoot!