Creative Gender Reveal Party Games & Ideas

Creative Gender Reveal Party Games & Ideas

Becoming three from two is an extraordinary journey for all couples, as they become parents for the first time. Their happiness is boundless and they want to make everyone a part of their celebration and invite close relatives along with friends to gender-revealing parties. This is also the perfect opportunity to wear a stunning gender reveal dress and stay fashionable in your cute baby bump!

The event is made memorable for all by preparing gender reveal games which becomes tricky to plan. Therefore, this blog will provide you with interactive game ideas that you can use at your party.

Entertaining Gender-Revealing Game Ideas

Brace yourselves as we take you down the gender-revealing game ideas lane to make things easier for the new parents:

Measure The Mother’s Belly

The first idea on the list is to Measure The Mother’s Belly. What to do here? First, get consent from the mother-to-be before moving forward. Then either individually distribute measuring tapes amongst the guests, keep a basket on the table filled with ribbons of multiple lengths or threads with scissors that guests could cut guessing the size of the belly.

Suggestions For The Mom-To-Be

Chits and pens can be given to friends and relatives to write down suggestions for the moms-to-be. The experienced mothers can give their valuable advice on what to do and avoid with the new addition to the family. This will be helpful for the aspiring mother to take good care of and become a responsible parent as well.

Guess Songs With Pink and Blue Song Titles

Another game can be ‘’Guess Songs With Pink and Blue Titles’’. What happens here? Well, the lyrics of the songs will be present and the guests will have to guess the name of the song. Just make sure you pick those lyrics that have pink or blue in their song titles.

Count The Candy

Arrange jars and fill them with blue and pink jellybeans or colored chocolates. Ask the guests to guess how many candies are there in the jars. Only the host will know the correct figure of the candies. Anyone who can guess the exact count will be the winner.

Name The Baby Using A-Z

Even when the couple discloses that they are becoming parents then everyone starts suggesting names of the baby. Turn that into the game. Make your guests create interesting baby names for both genders using all alphabets A-Z. If you want to make it challenging then divide the number of people into teams and continue with the name suggestions.

How Well Do You Know The Mommy-To-Be?

Many relatives and friends claim to know the mother, but now is the time to prove their word. Plan the game ‘How Well Do You Know The Mommy-To-Be’? Circulate papers among the guests with questions related to the mother’s favorite color, show, hobby, dish, or where she met her husband for the first time. Add on similar questions and see how many know the mother. The one with the most correct answers will win the prize.


Gender-revealing parties are an amusing experience and can be taken to the next level with these guessing games. Therefore, arrange the party plan these activities and collect those memories.