Best Baby Shower Games For a Fun Family Party

Best Baby Shower Games For a Fun Family Party

Celebrating the arrival of a baby is a significant milestone that calls for family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors to get together. This special occasion for the baby's arrival is called a baby shower, which makes the parents of the baby go over the moon with happiness.

A baby shower is all about the mom and the baby. So, it comes out of the question that the mom-to-be has to choose the best dress for the event. She can choose her pink maternity dress for a baby girl and blue maternity dress for a baby boy and enjoy the limelight.

The event has much more than food, cake, and presents, as games often play a big part in adding fun to the party. With this article, you will get unique game ideas and a few tips for arranging your games.

The 5 Best Baby Shower Games To Enjoy

Look at the following fun-filled activities and games that work for baby showers. You can add these exciting games to your baby shower bucket list:

No. 1: Baby Bingo

This classic game will make the present opening fly by, and you will keep your guests busy. You will need baby shower bingo that is available in toy stores or online, or some sheets and pens. In this game, you have to hand out a paper to each person and have them write a gift name they think the parent-to-be will receive. The first individual to get a straight line (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) crossed-off calls out Bingo and wins.

No. 2: Guess the Baby Food

This game is not as easy as your guests might think. This messy but fun game puts taste buds to the test. You will need blindfolds, spoons, a variety of baby food, and aprons. For this game, your guests will choose a partner and blindfold each other. One of the partners will be the feeder, and the other will be the taster. The feeder's task would be to dip a spoon into the baby's food while the taster guesses the food item.

No. 3: Baby Guessing

The parents-to-be will be eager to imagine how their little angel is going to look as their due dates approach. For this future-looking baby shower game, get guests involved. Fine online sheets or make your own by listing out different attributes such as eyes, nose, ears, height, and hair. In this game, ask the mom-to-be to fill out a sheet listing the baby's features and traits as she would like her baby to get from herself and her partner. Provide guests with a blank sheet and have them guess what mother-to-be picked.

No. 4: Blindfolded Baby Changing

Do you really think changing a baby is easy? Well, these games will reveal how challenging it is for new parents to change their infant probably 10 to 15 times a day! This game is perfect for Grandma as she is the most experienced one. In this game, you must have at least 1 to 2 dolls, an infant diaper, and 1 to 2 blindfolds. At first, you set your dolls and baby diapers, one at a time, then blindfold your guest and ask him/her to undress the baby, put on the diaper, and get it dressed. Whoever completes the task earlier wins a prize.

No. 5: Guess The Pregnancy Craving

This game is the best way to find out who knows the mother-to-be most. For this game, you will need paper and pens. In this game, the mother-to-be will give the clues, so you have to make sure she is excited about the game. Have her explain her pregnancy cravings without naming actual food. For example, she can say it's hot and spicy, so that she might be craving for ramen. Guest can keep track by writing the correct guess on their sheet.


While sending out invites for baby showers, it is mandatory for you to set the tone and make sure that all guests have the information regarding your event. It can be fascinating planning a baby shower, especially for mom-to-be, as this event would be the most memorable occasion for her; she can buy baby shower and party maternity dresses for the event.