Baby Shower Gift Etiquette and How to Ask Guests to Ship Gifts

Baby Shower Gift Etiquette and How to Ask Guests to Ship Gifts

Baby showers are a tradition that honors the upcoming arrival of a new bundle of joy with gift-giving often playing a vital role in the festivities. While it's customary for guests to bring gifts to the baby shower there are instances where attendees may be unable to join in person but still wish to send their well wishes and presents for the expecting parents and baby. In these types of scenarios, it can be appropriate to suggest that guests have gifts shipped directly to either the host's or parent's residence. Here's how you can handle this situation tactfully and thoughtfully while adhering to baby shower gift etiquette.

When Should Baby Shower Invitations Be Sent Out?

When it comes to sending invitations for a baby shower it is generally advised to do so 4 to 6 weeks before the scheduled event date. This timeframe allows guests time to RSVP and make arrangements either to attend the baby shower or send a gift. You want to be careful about the timing of sending out invitations because sending too early can lead to them being misplaced or forgotten while sending them late may pose challenges for guests in adjusting their schedules accordingly.

What to Include in Your Baby Shower Invitation

When preparing your baby shower invitation ensure you cover all the details for your guests before the day of the celebration. Here are some key things to include;

  • Mention who is hosting or organizing the baby shower.
  • Include the name of the mom-to-be or parents being celebrated.
  • Clearly state the date and time of the event.
  • Provide the address of the venue where the baby shower will take place.
  • Share your home address for any gifts that need to be mailed.
  • Set an RSVP deadline and offer guests options like email, phone, or online RSVP.
  • If there’s a baby registry feel free to share that information

When sending out invitations for your baby shower it's important to be clear about any requests such as suggesting a color for guests to wear so it complements your lovely baby shower dress. Every mom wants her baby shower photos to turn out right!

Additional Items to Include If You Want Guests To Ship the Gifts

It is perfectly acceptable to ask guests who cannot attend to ship their gifts. If you want guests who can't make it to the event to have the option of sending a gift consider including the following details in your invitation.

Adding a Note in the Baby Shower Invitation

When you send out your baby shower invites you might want to mention that guests who can't attend in person are welcome to send their gifts by mail to a specific address. A brief heartfelt message expressing appreciation for their support and understanding of their absence can help convey this message. Here's an example of how you could phrase it:

"We understand that not everyone can be there with us in person for the baby shower. We truly value your love and well wishes. If you'd like to send a gift please feel free to ship it to [hosts or parents address]. Your kindness truly means a lot to us!”

Giving Clear Shipping Directions

To simplify the process for guests wishing to send gifts to the host's or parents residence it's beneficial to provide shipping instructions in the invitation or on the baby shower website if applicable. Include the address where gifts should be sent along with any delivery details (such as doorbell name or package acceptance times) to ensure efficient and prompt delivery. It may also be helpful to remind guests of the timeline for sending gifts so they arrive before the baby’s birth or a specified date if required.

Requesting Maternity Clothing as Gifts

Purchasing maternity dresses can be quite costly. If you want your guests to consider buying maternity dresses as a gift, be sure to specify your sizes and preferred styles.

Expressing Gratitude

Recognizing and appreciating the efforts of guests who opt to send gifts by mail is crucial in showing your thankfulness and respect. Sending a thank you note upon receiving a gift not only conveys your appreciation but also lets the sender know their gesture was warmly received. Personalize your thank you messages with a note mentioning the gift received and how much it is valued by both you and the baby.

Coordinate with the Host or Parents

For hosts or soon-to-be parents, effective communication is crucial in managing gifts sent via mail. Keep each other updated on any packages arriving. Ensure someone is available to receive deliveries or arrange for packages left at the door if you're not home. By collaborating you can ensure gifts are received promptly and acknowledged accordingly.

Check Your Baby Registry for Online Gift Options

Many popular baby registries offer gifting features that allow absent guests to easily send presents directly to the expecting parents without attending the baby shower.

Here are some suggested baby registries that offer this feature.

Amazon Baby Registry

Amazon is well known for its range of baby products and the option for guests to buy and send gifts directly to the parent's address. While this choice provides an array of gifts, not all items may be packaged as a gift.

Target Baby Registry

Target also provides a gift-giving option where guests can select to have their gifts delivered to the expecting parents. However, Target's selection of baby gifts is more limited compared to other registries.

BuyBuy Baby Registry

BuyBuy Baby offers a registry service that enables gift purchases to be sent directly to the parents-to-be. This baby store is a well-known and trusted brand for baby supplies.

It Is Acceptable To Request Shipping Of Gifts For A Baby Shower

Requesting guests to ship gifts for a baby shower can be a solution for those who are unable to attend in person. When you handle this task with care, communication, and appreciation you can maintain etiquette and ensure that giving a gift adds value to the celebration. This is a time for you to relax and savor this moment in your beautiful maternity dress and celebrate the new life you are bringing into this world! Keep in mind that the true meaning of giving gifts is not about how they're presented but, about the feelings of affection, and care that comes with each gift.