10 At Home Maternity Shoot Ideas That Willl Turn Out Flawless


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Congratulations mama-to-be! We know that pregnancy can be quite the workload, filled with its fair share of morning sickness, fatigue, doctor's appointments, properly nourishing your body, etc. One of those things on the list include a maternity shoot!

I'm sure all your mom friends have said an outdoor maternity photoshoot is all the rage, but we're here to say you can capture some stunning moments right from the comfort of your own home! We've come up with 10 fantastic at-home maternity photoshoot ideas that are just as good, if not better, as those outdoor ones.

So, whether you're feeling a bit too tired to plan logistics of an outdoor maternity photoshoot, or simply want to pose in the cozy warmth of your own space, we've got you covered.

10 At Home Maternity Shoot Ideas

1. Bedroom

Doing a bedroom photoshoot can be super unique because your bedroom is like your sanctuary. Not only is it super intimate and personal, it adds a whole new level of coziness and warmth to the shots. You can lounge on top of your bed, or stand by your bedroom window. We recommend wearing a matching bra and underwear set with a sheer button down for a natural feminine look. If your uncomfortable showing extra skin, opt-in for a beautiful silk slip dress and slippers! Looking for a nightgown and robe set for better sleep? Check out these 10 maternity night gown and robe sets.

photo of pregnant women laying on bed in bedroom
Abby Saylor
photo of pregnant women laying on bed in bedroom  with slip dress

2. Silhouette

This is one of our favorite types of maternity photoshoots because they are so simple yet captivating. Silhouette shots are a type of photo that captures the outline of your pregnant body. These work best against a super-lit background. They really emphasize the curves and shape of your adorable baby bump creating a nice contrast and gorgeous maternity photos. If you do not like showing your face much, then silhouette photos are a great maternity photoshoot idea! Trying to to capture the perfect size baby bump for your pregnancy photos? It's best to shoot for your end of second trimester and towards the beginning of your third trimester.  For more detailed information, check out when to take your maternity photos: best and worst time.

photo of pregnant women laying on bed in bedroom
pregnant women taking a silhouette photoshoot
pregnant women taking a bare silhouette photoshoot
Jessica Elbar

3. With your pet

For all of our dog moms, who says you can't do a maternity photoshoot with your pet?! This is a really creative maternity photo idea depending on what type of pet you have. It also captures the special bond between you and your pet, but also a nice reminder of the role your pet played during this significant chapter in your life. The first photo makes our heart warm inside :)

pregnant women doing photoshoot with dog
Hailey Lauren Photography
pets touching pregnant womens belly for photoshoot

4. Props and Accessories

Props and accessories are your best friend when doing at home maternity shoots. You can use a variety of things to enhance and personalize your maternity photos. Some examples may include teeny tiny baby shoes, baby clothes, flowers, ultrasound images, heirloom or sentimental jewelry, or (our favorite) flowing fabrics like a sheer curtain. These details will take your maternity photoshoot to another level.

pregnant women using flowers for maternity photoshoot
photo of womens pregnant belly with baby shoes sitting on top
pregnant women holding sheer fabric around her baby bump
Lena Nugent

5. Backdrops and Themes

Using a backdrop is a very simple yet timeless way to do your at-home maternity photoshoot. It is a really nice way to focus on you and your body. Not only is it cost effective, but you can do wardrobe changes in-between to get a couple different aesthetic shots. For example, you can wear an outfit that's more formal like a maxi dress, and then change into something more casual like denim jeans and a button-down! Need picture ideas as a black couple? Check out these 15 unique maternity picture ideas for black couples.

pregnant women wearing jeans and button for maternity shoot
Stell Shots Photography
pregnant women taking maternity shoot with gold backdrop
Oxana Alex Photography

6. Backyard

Using your backyard can also be a great pregnancy photoshoot idea because you can play with different lighting and natural settings. From posing next to a rosebush, to laying on the grass, or floating in the pool. Again, the opportunities are endless when doing the shoot in the backyard and unique to you! Our favorite pose is taking shots underwater. Don't forget to take advantage of the sunset golden hour for that perfect shot! Check out these black maternity dresses that are ideal for an outdoor photoshoot.

pregnant women sitting in backyard for photos
women taking maternity shoot in backyard pool
pregnant women wearing white maternity dress with flowers in backyard
Taylor Kehasuk Photogrpahy
pregnant women taking underwater black and white photos
Teegan Tagg Photography 

7. With your partner or children

Turn your maternity photo shoot into a full family affair by inviting your hubby or older children to join in. We've always loved this concept, because it captures the beauty of not just you, but your entire family embracing the arrival of your future little one. You can do  a pose where you and your partner stand next to each-other, and your older children kiss or hug your belly. Another cute idea would be you and your entire family laying down and pointing at your growing baby bump! Planning a fall photoshoot? Check out these 13 elegant fall maternity shoot ideas

pregnant mom with older daughter taking photos with baby bump
Hayley Dolson Photography
husband and pregnant wife taking photos with older kid
Kara Reynolds Photography 
husband and pregnant wife taking photos with older kid

8. Something that revolves around food

We know that pregnancy comes with weird cravings. So, what better way to capture these moments than by making your maternity photoshoot all about food? It might sound a bit weird, but trust us, some photographers have  incorporated this idea in a cute way that's charming, fun, and completely natural.

blonde pregnant women doing photoshoot with candy
brunette pregnant women doing photoshoot with candy
brunette pregnant women doing photoshoot with flour and baking goods

9. Milk bath

Speaking of food, why not indulge in a milk bath for your maternity photos? It's a really authentic and captivating way to capture your pregnancy journey. Beyond its unique factor, this idea carries a deeply maternal and ethereal aesthetic, symbolizing the upcoming chapter where you'll provide food for your child with your milk.

pregnant women doing a milk bath photo session with flowers
pregnant women doing a milk bath photo session with flowers and sheer dress
nude pregnant women doing a milk bath photo session with roses
Stephany Ficut

10. By the curtains

Doing your maternity photo session by the curtains in your home is a great idea because the soft and natural light that filters through the curtains can create a really pretty lighting.  The gentle lighting can help highlight your pregnancy glow and create a warm, intimate vibe. Plus, it's incredibly convenient. We recommend wearing a flowy dress or intimate lingerie set that is close in color with your curtains. This will create a really nice and seamless look.  

pregnant women doing a photo session by curtains
Sarah Sidwell Photography 
pregnant women doing a photo session by home curtains
Johana Marchald Photography

Benefits of an at-home maternity shoot

There are so many at-home maternity photo shoot ideas as well as benefits to doing your shoot at home. For starters, it's super comfortable and easy. You can prepare and get ready in the comfort of your

 home and efficiently do wardrobe changes if you want to incorporate different outfits.

It's also private enough where you can wear whatever you like - a cozy button-down or a cute bralette, and not feel weird showing a little extra skin. Your photos will also come out more candid and genuine without the presence of other strangers!!

Your pregnancy photo shoot will also be unique and personal to you. You can add your own unique touch with your own space, style, and vibe. For example, you might choose to use your favorite room in the house, or wear an outfit that reflects your personality or the aesthetic of your home.

At-home maternity photoshoots are also super budget-friendly. You don't need to spend a fortune on a location or props to capture this unique journey. Some locations can charge expensive fees for permits or rentals, but in the comfort of your home, you can get creative with what you already have. The only thing you need to spend money on is your maternity outfits and the professional photographer, allowing you to allocate more money to what's most important - your little one!

Lastly, your home can offer multiple maternity photoshoot ideas. You can start by shooting in the living room or bedroom and change it up by going outdoors for some sunset pictures! The opportunities are endless when you do your maternity pictures at home.

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We hope you're feeling inspired after reading these creative maternity photoshoot ideas in the comfort of your own sanctuary. From milk baths, timeless backdrops, or with loved ones and pets, there are endless possibilities to make your maternity pictures at home memorable. Speaking of making this journey memorable, check out these 15 fun things you can do during your maternity leave.

As you continue to embrace this extraordinary time in your life, we know that pregnancy can get hectic, with busy appointments, work, and taking care of your body. Amidst all this chaos, capturing maternity photos in your own home can not only be more convenient, but also much more cost efficient.

If you're juggling a busy work schedule and pregnancy, don't forget to check out these maternity tops for work that are suitable for the workplace and comfortable. Good luck! xx