A Guide To Navigating Pregnancy Fashion - What To Wear

A Guide To Navigating Pregnancy Fashion - What To Wear

A-list celebrities like Rihanna, Chrissy Teigan, and Blake Lively forever changed the landscape of maternity outfits. They said goodbye to the same old, boxy shapes and colors. Instead, they embraced their curves and showed off their baby bumps in stylish outfits.

Thankfully, maternity wear is no longer dull. You can now easily find items in fun colors, silhouettes, and patterns. And while looking great is important, feeling your best is essential.

Here’s a guide to navigating pregnancy fashion:

Prioritize Comfort

Your body goes through many significant changes when you’re pregnant. You’ll experience swollen ankles, your cup size will increase, and so much more. And during this time, you should accommodate these changes while ensuring that you look and feel great while wearing your clothes.

When looking for maternity dresses, ensure the material is soft and roomy. You won’t be irritated with fabric sticking to your skin. Experiment with various necklines, lengths, and silhouettes, too.

Scour Your Wardrobe

Your existing wardrobe may have hidden gems. Regular clothing with flexible cuts and patterns can also be transformed into maternity clothing. Take a close look at what you already have in your closet.

Some existing pieces can be used for the first few months. For example, long, flowy sundresses and oversized sweaters can be used as pregnancy wear.

Buy Clothes for Your Growing Body

When buying maternity skirts and tops or maternity gowns, ensure they are stretchable enough to accommodate your growing belly for the next few months.

Maternity clothing is an important investment, and buying high-quality garments at an affordable price is a must. You can check out this size chart when shopping for clothes to ensure a perfect fit and comfortable maternity wear throughout your pregnancy.

Layering Is Key

Not everyone may want to show off their bump, especially in the first few months. You can use Hollywood’s oldest trick: layer up. Experiment with fun, colorful trenches, coats, blazers, and jackets to hide your bump. The key is to always keep your outermost layer open so your torso doesn’t look too boxy.

You can also button it halfway through and leave the rest of them open, showing off the layers underneath. Trying out different lengths and colors will also help you see what works best for you.

Say Yes to Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits may become your best friend when lounging at home or for quick errands. They are non-fussy; you don’t have to worry about which top will go with which bottom. Additionally, they are perfect for when your belly needs that extra support.

Trendy Maternity Outfit Ideas

To help you style your pregnancy wardrobe, here are some trendy outfit ideas:

  • A comfy wrap dress paired with a statement necklace for a chic, effortless look.
  • Oversized cardigans over maternity leggings for a cozy, casual ensemble.
  • Maxi dresses with a denim jacket for a perfect blend of comfort and style.
  • Empire waist dresses that provide a flattering fit and room for your growing belly.
  • Stretchy bodycon dresses to proudly showcase your baby bump.
  • Flowy tunics over skinny jeans for a balanced, modern look.


Maternity clothing doesn’t have to be boring anymore! Taking inspiration from your existing wardrobe, choosing comfort over anything else, and investing in high-quality, adaptable clothing are keys to achieving a stylish maternity wardrobe.

Layering your outfits to hide your baby bump and wearing jumpsuits for extra support are helpful tips most expecting mothers will appreciate. There are no hard and fast rules to maternity wear—simply choose clothing that makes you happy and comfortable.